Friday Night Delivery

we'll bring the restaurant to you...

Every week we will create a unique menu that can be ordered  and delivered to your residence or vacation rental hot and ready to serve. 


We have limited spaces and often sell out, so order early!


Please send the form at the bottom of this page first to confirm we have spots before paying.

Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices

Plain Summer Grill

delivery for Friday, june 5th

  $20 pp (min 2pp)

Bistro Fillet w/ chimichurri

Warm orzo pasta salad w/ pancetta and toasted papitas

Garden salad w/ vinaigrette

Rosemary Focaccia w/ whipped butter

*** GF can substitute orzo for roasted red potatoes


Other Options

Hire us as your Personal Chef

Take a vacation from cooking and hire a personal chef to customize your menu, purchase ingredients, prep food and prepare your meal in the comfort of your home or rental.

Charcuterie Board 

Feeds 4-6  pp $99

Add this perfect starter to your meal. It includes dried cured meats, imported cheeses, accompanied by fresh seasonal berries & grapes, crostinis, olives, and seasoned cashews served on a rustic wood round platter. 

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